Logistics To Lighten Your Load

Whether it’s language barriers, contract negotiations, systems integration, cost reduction analysis, completion of international shipping documents or invoice creation, we can give you a hand with the details so you can concentrate on your business.

The local edge – on a global scale

Our offices around the world give us the fast-response edge and keep us ahead of the curve. With offices in the US, Taiwan, and China we consistently out-perform the competition thanks to a staff that is local and knowledgeable.

Full system integration to bridge the digital divide

Our experience and local factory connection means we can guarantee a fast, smooth workflow that integrates with your internal systems, be it; EDI, WMS, PLM and all sorts of other acronyms. Sure, making those systems work together is complicated. That’s why you have us on your side.
We act on your behalf in negotiating terms with factories on:

• Pricing
• Minimum order quantities
• Payment terms
• Timelines
• Mold amortization
• Packing specifications

And we monitor that the terms of your contract with the factory stay in place all the way through production and shipping.